Top Music Streaming Apps that are a Must-have 

Music on the go is one of the best and most entertaining benefits of modern technology. Whether you’re on your daily commute or just sitting at home on a rainy day, music can take you to another world. This journey is even easier these days with music streaming apps. You don’t just listen to your favorite tracks but these also come packed with amazing other features like saving songs, making your own playlist (s), and even uploading your covers.

Some of these apps are free to use while some have premium features for which you have to pay. Moreover, having millions of songs in your hand without having to worry about phone storage and payments (in some cases) is a facility we all want. Lucky for us, there are so many apps that offer these features.

Here are some of the best music streaming apps that you need in your devices for elite music services. You’ll enjoy streaming music more when you use these apps. Now, without any further ado, let us dig in to learn more about these must-have apps.



Currently, Pandora is the most popular music streaming app among people. This app is best for people who want to listen to their favorite artists and simultaneously discover new music as well. When you enter the name of your favorite artist, the app suggests similar songs and artists. You can also rate the songs and the app won’t play the kind of music that you didn’t like.

You can also bookmark your favorite songs or artists to listen to later. There is little to no buffering when you listen to music with Wi-Fi on this app, so make sure you only have the best internet connection at home like Mediacom. Look for Mediacom Internet plans right now and get fast-speed Internet plans at economical rates. However, this app is free but you still have to make a user account to stream music on the app.



One of the best in the market, Spotify is also the pioneer in the music streaming industry. Up until recently, Spotify was only a platform for music but recently they have also shifted to podcasts as well. With features like the best device compatibility, user-friendly interface, and a huge music archive, Spotify wins easily from the likes of Apple Music.

Even using its free version gives amazing features like streaming millions of songs and even connecting the app to other Wi-Fi devices. Building your own playlist and then syncing it to offline listening is very easy with this app. You can also follow your favorite artists and then get notifications when they release new music.

Furthermore, you can browse your favorite playlists or find songs by artists in addition to saving your favorites. Also, to use the Spotify music app’s various features, you can also subscribe to Spotify’s premium service. While it is not free, it allows users to skip up to six tracks per hour.


With over 30 million songs, more than 300 curated listening channels, and more than 300 podcasts, LiveOne comes at the very top of music streaming services. Formerly known as Slacker Radio and LiveXLive, LiveOne has been in the business for a long time now. One of the unique features of this service is that you can watch live concerts after ordering via pay-per-click.

Those who want to enjoy a curated music experience will definitely love using this app. One of the popular such channels is Sample City, which talks about music snippets that were successful in building popular contemporary songs. With still using the Slacker Radio framework, LiveOne really stands out from the pack and gives users a unique and entertaining experience.

Amazon Prime Music

For all the people who use an Amazon device, this is a must-use service. You can access Amazon Prime Music for free if you have Amazon Prime. The library has over 2 million songs and the best thing about this is that it is completely ad-free. This app also works perfectly well with Alexa, so you can play your songs for an audience as well.

Some users do say that you’ll only find mainstream songs on the app and the sound quality isn’t very mind-blowing but it still works to pass your free time. And now, Amazon Prime Music has introduced an HD feature, Amazon Music Unlimited, but you’ll have to pay around $9.99.

Apple Music


One of the best music apps available is Apple Music if you’re an Apple user. Boasting a library of over 100 million tracks, Apple Music is one of the best and most vast music streaming services out there. While it makes perfect sense for Apple users to use this app, Apple Music is also compatible with Android. If you use devices like Mini, Nest, or Apple HomePod, you can also play songs using your voice.

It also offers features like spatial audio albums that are hi-res and lossless. There is a new classic music app introduced too that comes for free; all the classics are free to be played. Based on what you play the most, the app also suggests similar music and artists.

This app has many reasons to be downloaded, starting with the library. It features 90 million tracks as well as exclusive music videos that don’t contain ads.



You can listen to music on the Tidal app while you’re on the go. It even has a video section. In the video section, you can watch popular videos and mainstream-friendly content within the app or cast them on your TV. You can also share music with your friends using Tidal’s social media integration, which lets you share your favorites via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email.


What a time to be alive when there are so many options to choose from just for the music alone. Whether you want a free-to-use app or want premium features, there’s a music streaming app readily available to you.