Mia Woodhall Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

In the list of famous and known Instagram influencers, Mia Woodhall is one of the rising stars of the social media world. Her fashion, sense of clothing, and unique content creation let her make her name on the list of inspiration. She inspired millions of people by posting gorgeous photos, making fashion-related videos, and posting music videos on her TikTok account. People follow her and copy her way of styling. Her sense of posting pictures attracts her followers and supporters.

Well, if you are one of her followers and visiting here to know about her life, her height, weight, net worth, age, birthplace, and many more, you are at a suitable place. You will get to know so much after reading this about Mia Woodhall that all your questions and confusion about her personal life and career will be solved. Keep following!!


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Mia Woodhall is one of the superstar models who was born on 8th June 2002. She is a Spanish model, an attractive social media figure who was born in Malaga, Spain. She grew up in the town of England and spent her childhood with her family, siblings, and friends. The name of Mia’s father is Sean Lovelock Woodhall while her mother’s name is Victoria McLeod she never told anything about her siblings.

Mia Woodhall wants to keep her personal life private from social media and television. Her education career was quite good. She did her schooling from primary school and then joined secondary school to get higher education. Her facial expression and modeling sense let her choose this field of fashion and become a known public figure.

Her sense of posting pictures and videos makes her content unique from that of others. People liked her work and it’s because of her skills that she became a known Instagram personality. Her unstoppable struggle and passion for modeling and fashion let her become famous as an Instagram and TikTok celebrity. Her father and mother both were British so she has British nationality.

Mia Woodhall Height, Weight, And Looks

Mia Woodhall is a tall, slim, and smart Spanish Model who is about 5 feet and 6 inches tall. She has a perfect height and body figure. The body weight of Mia Woodhall is approximately about 54 kg. Mia keeps her body weight maintained by exercising and running. If I talk about her physical appearance then she is quite attractive and beautiful. She Woodhall has blue eye color, light brown hair with medium length, and a perfect body figure.

Mia Woodhall’s Age, And Marital Status

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Mia Woodhall is a Spanish model who earned fame at an early age. She is pretty, tall, and slim and has won millions of hearts by posting beautiful pictures of herself on her Instagram account. Recently, she is just 19 years old and has become a known Instagram star and a social media personality.

Mia Woodhall is young and single. She does not share anything about her personal life affairs and relationships and keeps it private from her Instagram family. She has many friends but she is not involved with any of them.

Net Worth Of Mia Woodhall

Mia Woodhall is not just earning because of being a public figure or Instagram content creator. She is also earning through different brands, magazines, promotion advertisements, and other small businesses. Being a public figure, people hire her to promote their brand and product. According to her recent income, Mia Woodhall is earning a good amount of money through social media. The total net worth of Mia Woodhall is about $3 USD.

The career of Mia Woodhall

Mia Woodhall is quite intelligent and has had a great fashion sense since childhood. Her hard work and content parental support let her become a known public figure. When she was in high school she decided to become a social media person. Her dreams, passion, and dedication let Mia achieve her goals. In just a short time she gained the familiarity, love, and support of many people.

She posts her pictures, videos, and daily vlogs on her account and inspires many people with her content. As a fashion model, she also works with clothing and makeup brands. She promotes different products and earns from websites. People hire her for their magazine cover photoshoots.

Other than this she loves traveling to beautiful and peaceful places. Her favorite colors are black, white, and gray. She loves watching football and her favorite footballer is Lionel Messi. She loves visiting France with her friends, and family. Mia likes book reading, boating, dancing, horse riding, surfing, and many more.


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Who is Mia Woodhall?

Mia Woodhall belongs from Spain and is one of the famous Spanish models and Instagram influencers. She is hardworking and lives a luxurious life because of being a famous personality.

Is Mia Woodhall married?

No, Mia Woodhall is not married and is still single. She is working as a Spanish model for many brands and companies. She is just 19 years old and gained millions of followers because of her unique content.

When is Mia Woodhall’s birthday?

The birthday of famous and known Spanish model Mia Woodhall is on 8th June. She was born in 2002 and according to that, she is 19 years old.


Mia Woodhall is a famous model who is working with multiple brands and earning a good sum of money. Huge number of people follow her on her Instagram account and love the content, photos, and videos that she shares. She is an inspirational personality who gained fame because of posting unique and different pictures and content. I hope that you liked the article and got a lot of information about Mia Woodhall.