Rauw Alejandro Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Do you know that singing wasn’t the first choice of Rauw Alejandro but only a backup career? Yes, you heard me right, Rauw Alejandro got famous through his backup career for which his parents and friends supported him after the severe life-turning event. He wanted to choose some other field but due to a bad injury, and some other events he had to choose singing and rapping as his career.

In this article, you will find everything that you want to know about your superstar Rauw Alejandro, including his height, weight, net worth, age, birthday, wiki, and also about his childhood and university life. To explore the journey of Rauw Alejandra stick along. Let’s begin then.

Rauw Alejandro Biography

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Rauw Alejandro was born on 10 January 1994. According to his date of birth, his age right now is 28 years old. He was born in San Juan and has the nationality of Puerto Rican. Furthermore, he is 5 feet and 8 inches and has a 68 kgs weight. He is not fond of following a balanced diet however he maintains his body shape by going to the gym.

Rauw Alejandro went to the private school in his town and then went to the university to complete his further studies. He always knew that he would never do a job in any multinational company because he always had a dream of becoming a professional soccer player. But his parents forced him to complete his studies and he did it with good grades.

The names of Rauw’s father and mother are Rural Ocasio and Puerto Rican. It is known that Rauw’s father and mother supported Rauw Alejandro to be the person he is right now. They manage to have 2 to 3 jobs at a time just to give Rauw the life that an ordinary person wishes for. Moreover, they were a great support at the time when Rauw had a major breakdown.

You must now be thinking about the breakdown, right? Well, Rauw who is the most popular rapist, songwriter, and singer today never wanted to be one. He wanted to be a soccer player in the first place. He was pursuing a career in playing soccer when one fine day he had a bad injury and had to give up on soccer as he couldn’t perform well anymore.

This injury was the turning point for not only Rauw Alejandro but also for the people around him. Instead of getting gloomy, his parents made him pursue his career in singing. Rauw’s parents always knew the talent of their child, they knew he has an inspiring voice and can come up with excellent lyrics as well. After following the instructions of his parents, Rauw wrote many of his famous songs in 2014 but never gave them the audio look until 2018.

In 2018 Rauw Alejandro gave his writings the form of singing and his songs became famous. He was also approached by Sony Album which gave his career a huge break. In addition to this, like all other superstars, Rauw made an account on Instagram and now around 4.5 million follow him on Instagram. Moreover, there are a lot of brands that approach him and he promotes their products on his social media accounts. All of this makes his net worth $15 million USD.

There is information about Rauw Alejandra on Wikipedia because he is climbing the stairs of success. Moreover, I also found that Rauw Alejandra is doing an advertisement right now but there is no confirmed date when it will be aired. But I hope we see him soon on the television.

Now you all are wondering about the relationship status of this rapper. Well, as per the report I found that Rauw is a playboy kind of a guy. He is never with the one girl. But when sources asked him he said that he is still searching for true love and is focusing on his career too. So what do you think that girl Rauw looking for? One thing that I know is whoever she will be, one thing is sure that she is gonna be pretty lucky.


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Rauw Alejandro was a soccer player?

Yes, he was a very good soccer player and always wanted to pursue his career in this game but there was something else destined for him.

Does Rauw Alejandro have friends?

Yes, he has a lot of friends and loves partying with them whenever he gets time.

Is Rauw Alejandro a smoker?

Yes, he smokes but he is not a chain smoker. He smokes when he is with his friends.

Is Rauw Alejandro getting married?

No, he is not getting married, he is just looking for true love right now and is focusing on his career.


Hope you have found out how Rauw Alejandro managed to settle down his life after the severe injury and how he started his career as a rapper, singer, and composer. This 28-year-old guy has got famous due to his hard work and efforts and most importantly he didn’t lose hope. Moreover, there is no doubt that his parents were a great support throughout this journey. He says that he is still working on his career and is searching for true love side by side.