Sarah Yarkin Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki

Among the great social media celebrities, Sarah Yarkin is one of the most talented superstars in America. Sarah Yarkin is an actress who took part in many films and TV shows. She became famous because of the overwhelming acting and performance that she showed in the film Felly. The best thing is that she is a jolly person who made her name in the entertainment industry.

She does funny characters in films and TV shows. Other than films she also has a great number of fans who are following her on her Instagram account and love her posts and the content that she shares there. Her fashion and acting made her popular in the field of social media and in the list of known persons. To know more about Sarah Yarkin you need to read this article for every single detail about her life and profession.



Sarah Yarkin is a great film actress who was born on 28th May 1993. Sarah belongs to the United States of America and has an American Nationality. People know her because of her great acting skills and the hard work that she shows in the different characters and plays. She has been quite a talented and intelligent girl since her childhood. Sarah lived a great childhood with her family and siblings.

She never talks about her family and wants to keep her personal life away from the social media world. Sarah Yarkin is a very smart and sharp child and shows great academic results. She did her schooling at a private school in America. When she was young she had those modeling and fashion skills.

It’s because of her childhood spirit that she became a famous actress now. All over the world people love her work and know her because of her struggle and hard work. She started to work on her goals and made her career at an early age of her life. Her family is unknown as she never talked about them but in some interviews, she said that she has a great bonding with her family and it’s their support that she is a known American actress now.

Sarah Yarkin Height, Weight, And Net Worth


Sarah Yarkin is a beautiful and pretty American actress who got so much familiarity because of her looks and acting skills. Well, she goes to the gym and takes care of her body figure, and maintains it by running and jogging. She is very pretty, slim and fair. She has brown eyes and short-length black hair.

Well, Sarah has an ideal height of about 5 feet 6 inches. She has a weight of 67 kg and she maintains it by eating healthy dietary foods. Sarah is an American famous actress who is earning a good monetary amount. The total net worth of Sarah Yarkin is about $5 million. She works for brands and also for magazines.

Sarah Yarkin Age, And Marital Status

Sarah Yarkin is young and made her career and name in the known faces quite speedily. Throughout her career, she was so dedicated to her work and her goal was to make her name among known personalities. She did so much in her life and made her career respectfully and earned the hearts of millions of people. Now, Sarah Yarkin is about 29 years old and still single. She is not married and living a good life and is busy making her career. According to her birthday, her zodiac sign is Gemini.

Sarah Yarkin Career And Life Achievements

The best thing about Sarah Yarkin is that she is an International and National TV actress. Her great acting and work bring more chances and opportunities for her to take part. She is versatile and also contributes to entertainment programs as well. Her most famous and liked shows were The Actress of Tankhouse, Motherland, Fort Salem, and Single Parent.

She has a different acting style and her favorite roles were in Transparent, American Horror Story, and Bizaardvark. She likes different branded models of cars like Toyota, Audi, Tesla, and Mitsubishi. Other than the mentioned movies and TV shows she worked in different films and gained popularity. She has a huge fan following and people love her posts and videos that she shares with her supporters and lovers.



Who is Sarah Yarkin?

Sarah Yarkin is a beautiful, known, and talented American actress. She started her career at a very young age and won millions of hearts because of her skills and acting abilities.

What are hobbies of Sarah Yarkin?

Besides acting Sarah Yarkin loves to take amazing pictures of beautiful views. She loves spending peaceful time on beaches. Sarah Yarkin loves to dye her hair in different colors that are in fashion.

How many followers does Sarah Yarkin have?

Sarah Yarkin is a known personality and people love her from all over the world. Many people follow her on her Instagram account and the recent number of her followers are 43.2k.


Well, coming towards the end I hope that you have got enough knowledge about Sarah Yarkin’s life and the struggle of becoming a famous actress. She never gave up and did constant hard work to achieve her dreams. She gained popularity and became famous because of her skills and passion. Sarah Yarkin showed perfect acting skills in the films and proved that she is one of the super American rising stars.